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We make driving your dream car a reality Dream Drives Melbourne is a leading sports and luxury car hire company boasting Melbourne’s newest and most extensive range of sports, convertible, luxury, prestige SUV and Supercars on offer. Which Dream Cars are Top-rated with Australians?   Certain luxury autos are coveted among Aussie residents. If these residents of the Land Down Under can’t afford to buy these exceptional sports cars and SUVs outright, they often rent them instead! At Dream Drives Melbourne, we are proud to offer rental services for luxury autos and our fleet of top-rated Australian sports cars and sport utility vehicles give our customers access to the most exquisite and memorable driving experiences.   To help you learn more about our dream cars, let’s talk about the specifications for a couple of popular vehicles in our fleet.   When you rent an exotic via our company, you’ll be accessing a competitively-priced sports car or SUV which is immaculate and perfectly-maintained. As well, we’ll offer you the sort of customer service that you deserve, with a mind to giving you a VIP experience…   Hire a Lamborghini Aventador (2014)   If you want to “pilot” a luxury sports car which echoes the design of fighter jets, you’ll adore the Lamborghini Aventador (2014). This exceptional sports auto is a head-turner and it’s designed to achieve a maximum speed of three hundred and fifty kilometers per hour.   When you choose this sleek and stunning rental, you’ll be able to reach one hundred kilometers per hour in just 2.9 seconds. This V12 beauty roars to life and it comes with a mid-mount, 6.5 litre motor!   Rent a Porsche Cayenne GTS (2014)   Sport utility vehicles don’t have to be generic and boring. When you rent a Porsche Cayenne GTS (2014) from Dream Drives Melbourne, you’ll access a design which is amazingly stylish and agile. This SUV is a true status symbol and it will be perfect for transporting guests to a wedding, corporate event or prom.   Equipped with a V6 engine, the GTS is able to hit high speeds with ease and it handles like a dream. Known as a favorite of purists who want the ultimate in driving performance, the Cayenne dazzles in every respect and this is why it’s one of Australia’s top-rated luxury SUVs.   These two luxury cars are show-stoppers. Both offer exquisite engineering, as well as very good looks. If you want to see more of Australia’s top-rated luxury autos, be sure and browse a gallery of options at the official Dream Drives Melbourne website. It’s a great place to look at the hottest sports cars and sports utility vehicles, all of which may be rented via the website.  

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